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the first and only exhibition reserved for confirmed inventions*

* Inventions of which at least a part has been objectively recognized as being patentable by an official body. 

Colmar Exhibition Park and Conference Centre,
during the Christmas Market – one of the largest in Alsace,
December 1-3, 2017


Make the most of the festive atmosphere in the wine capital of Alsace to come and have a look!

The Néophilia™ -what’s it all about? ?

Free advice on patents
Partnerships and investments
Medals and recognition

Calling all investors (Business Angels, companies, and others) ?

Seeking to make a serious investment or conclude a new partnership? Interested in buying an innovative product or ground-breaking technology?
This select exhibition offers you excellent opportunities for doing so. Patent specialists at the exhibition will be able to provide you with free advice on the patentability of inventions.

Calling independent inventors, inventors’ agents, and inventors who have set up a company ?

Taking part in the Néophilia™ exhibition is a great way to meet business partners (including licensees) for your invention – as well as potential buyers.
It’s also a way of gaining recognition of your status as an inventor – you could even win an award!

Calling all visitors?

You won’t be disappointed. Nobody here will be claiming to have reinvented the wheel, and you won’t be seeing yet another alleged perpetual motion machine!
At the Néophilia™ exhibition, everything you see really will be new. You can look forward to a fun, educational experience where you’re sure to meet lots of interesting people!